Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another day another admission!

We had a great weekend, Dylan was pain free although a little irritable from the Dilodid withdrawals. We visited our friends Grant and Cheryl on Saturday, then Saturday night hung out with some friends watching the ice hockey. Sunday we relaxed at the house and I id the laundry and cleaned the room, later the RMDH took the house mum’s to dinner across the street. Back to the hospital routine on Monday, Dylan went in happy and not worried too much about enduring another week of 3F8. He started out fine and as usual, got the pressure on the chest and found it hard to breathe. Then his heart rate went up more than usual and even after he feel asleep with the Dilodid, it remained high. I called the nurse concerned, and we discovered he had a fever of 39.7. Needless to say we were admitted and started on antibiotics immediately as well as blood cultures drawn. The odd thing is he really didn’t get the usual leg pain, in fact he had no pain except for the chest, breathing thing. I asked the nurse if that would indicate a HAMA but she said if he was HAMA positive he would get no side effects at all, so it should still be working. Overnight his fever went down and this morning it’s gone. I personally think it is the GM-CSF injections that are causing the fever, because the same thing happened last week. Last week I thought it was his throat but it went away by that afternoon and the cultures were negative. But we must remain here on antibiotics and fever free for at least 24 hours just to be safe and to make sure he does not have a line infection. Today he will have his 3F8 therapy as scheduled, I hope we get more pain (so we know it’s working) and pray we get no fever so we can be discharged tomorrow afternoon.