Sunday, February 25, 2007

Therapy Dogs

As you can tell by the photo on Dylan’s webpage, he has had lots of fun playing with the RMDH therapy dogs recently. Their owner is David Frei, the voice of the Westminster kennel club dog show, his wife works here at RMDH as the house Chaplin. Dylan also attended art class last week and did a couple of master pieces which you can view in his art collection photo gallery by clicking HERE. They are the 2 last pictures in the album. He was supposed to go twice to art class this week, but on Thursday Dylan experienced some pain in both legs and feet, through until Friday evening. Saturday the pain was gone and never returned. I think that it may be growing pains like regular kids get, but it sure does terrify me. We have had our first week without the need for any transfusions so hopefully this means his marrow is recovering finally. It will be a slow process, but once we get to the point where he has more stable counts, then we can consider the next therapy, likely to be the oral TTC combination. Interestingly enough, Dylan’s HAMA test done on 31st January came back negative! The medi-port placement will be on the 9th March at this stage…hopefully no more re-scheduling. I have been a little slack on up dating the journal I know, I have had the blues quite a bit lately, maybe it’s part of the weather, the winter makes us all want to hibernate. Two very close friends of ours are not doing well and this has also got me down. Please pray for Justin, who is 17 and still fighting Neuroblastoma. It remains in his lungs and the pain is increasing now that he is now off the nifurtimox study that he was on in Vermont. Our friend Carter, who most of you will remember, spent Christmas in hospital as Dylan’s room mate, now faces the possibility of fighting Neuroblastoma in his lungs and liver as it rapidly progresses. This has not been confirmed yet, but the scan report mentions diseases in both these places. Also please keep Nathan in your prayers as well as Penelope. Penelope's family have been very kind to us and she also had the hot 3F8 therapy as did Carter, Nathan and Dylan. There are so many Neuroblastoma warriors that need our prayers, I could keep writing a huge list, which is very sad. I just wish that a cure for this horrible cancer could be found soon.

I must update you on the “walk for Dylan” event and also a few other things…so watch for an update tomorrow!