Friday, February 9, 2007

Getting better

Dylan is doing fine. The weather here is cold in New York, so we are staying inside most of the time, no more snow yet. Dylan is now scheduled for clinic 2 days a week for check ups. At this stage we are just waiting for him to get strong enough to start more therapy. He is well in himself, but his platelets and hemoglobin fall each week and he requires transfusions. He is not neutropenic although his white blood cells are at the lower end of the scale. After speaking with Dr Modak, we can go onto a maintenance oral treatment which will include 3 drugs, Celebrex, Temador and Thalidomide. When his platelets eventually stabilize at a decent count after a few months, then Dylan will qualify for more phase 1 clinical trials, but for now, each day at a time, and plenty of rest and recovery for at least a month. His new medi port placement was scheduled for today, but due to his low platelets it was re-scheduled now for the 9th March. Not much else happening, so don’t get worried if I don’t update more than once a week.

A huge thank you to Cassie & Jeff in
Australia for Dylan’s exciting Aussie package!