Thursday, December 14, 2006

More drama

Just a quick update to let you know that Dylan was hospitalized again last night, we think he may have shingles! He has a small cluster under his left shoulder blade. When in urgent care, the nurse agreed that it looked liked shingles, but it will not be confirmed until they swab and test it. For now he is on IV antibiotics and isolated in a hospital bed. This would explain the runny nose he has had over the past 2 weeks and explain his last admission. Luckily I had kept him totally isolated at RMDH since his discharge, so we have not exposed the rest of the house children to an out break. I have no idea how he could have gotten this, because we really have not ventured out over the past 3 weeks due to the cold weather. I am not sure, but maybe it was in his system and being neutropenic has brought it to surface, as I know shingles can appear when your body is run down. Dylan is very well in himself though, playing, eating and joking around. We are not sure how long this admission will be for, hopefully he will get out in time for Christmas.