Saturday, November 4, 2006

Dylan is well

Just a quick update to let you know Dylan is doing great. He had a scan done on Friday. Dr Modak was so anxious for the results that he came down to nuclear medicine to watch the scan as it was being done. Once we went back up to the clinic, Dr Modak said the results were not in yet but he would call if there were any issue. He also said that he had gone through all Dylan’s scans since he arrived at MSKCC and that in his opinion, even though the status comes back as “stable’ he feels that every scan has a slight improvement. Dr Modak just seemed like he was beaming that Dylan is doing so well at this stage and that the whole time has just kept moving forward in the right direction, regardless of the large amount of disease that remains in his body. Dylan was also in a great mood, and played with Dr Modak who responded with tickles and smiles. Dr Kushner also came in and played with Dylan. The Neuroblastoma team is so wonderful, they are just so dedicated. They seem to always be at clinic, even on the weekends and when we are admitted onto the pediatric floor, I often see them early in the mornings and they are still around so late in the night. Dylan needs to return to clinic on Wednesday for the next dose of Avastin and blood work, then Friday for more blood work and the usual Pentamidine infusion.

Tomorrow is the New York Marathon! Dylan is excited to be a spectator again this year. Two doctors from the Neuroblastoma team are running, Dr Kushner and Dr Kramer, as well as Justin’s father Dave, Diane who is running in Dylan’s honor, Sydney’s father Kevin, Rich from RMDH and many other parents, doctors and nurses on Fred’ Team which is the team from MSKCC. Team Continuum is also running again this year too. We wish everyone lots of luck for the run, the weather will be cold but I don't think rain is expected, let's hope for a bit of sun!

Please pray for two families that lost their beloved children to Neuroblastoma this week. We knew both the families and it breaks our hearts. Hazen Kennedy and Lana beth Webster. Both families were so dedicated to their children and are totally amazing, which reflected in both those amazing and brave souls. I seem to write a lot of the loss of so many children lately, this year has been very hard. The sad thing is that there are many still who will not see this Christmas, please pray for strength and courage for all those fighting childhood cancer, it is the toughest road anybody could ever imagine, how I got here..well you never think it could happen to your own family.