Friday, November 24, 2006

Bone Marrows done today

Well the rain dried up today and Dylan had his bone marrow biopsy and HAMA blood test without any problems. Tuesday we will return to clinic for a CT scan and an MIBG injection in preparation for the MIBG scan on Wednesday. I will also get Dylan to do his urine collection on Monday, ready to hand in on Tuesday. All these tests are the work up before round 2 of the hot 3F8 trial. As long as Dylan is stable and has no increase of disease, he will be able to continue onto round 2. Dylan also needs to have a platelet count above 50 (which can be fixed with a transfusion) an ANC count of at least 0.5 (can be raised by GCSF injections) and also he must be HAMA negative. Other blood and urine markers must also be met such as thyroid function. There are so many factors to continue and get onto trial that I get confused just thinking about it all!

I want to thank a very special group of students who have sent Dylan beautiful cards and letters…Norridgewock Central Grade School in Maine. They even sent Cain birthday cards as well, which really brightened his day. I was actually surprised at how excited Cain was to receive them, I guess that with so much attention on Dylan he feels left out, regardless of how much Tim and I try and praise him and make him not feel left out.

I am finally getting through my thank you cards and emails from Dylan’s birthday, please forgive my delay. If Pamela Finch and Leanna Burns read this entry, could you please email me your email addresses as I lost them after my computer meltdown a few months ago…I have a couple of photos I would like to email you.

Dylan also received a signed CD and hand made card from a young artist call Dominique Vouk. I listened to the CD and it is great, here is her link DOMINIQUE VOUK. Thanks Dominique…You Rock!

I also want to wish Jess lots of luck in her 160km fund raising bike ride around Lake Taupo in New Zealand. Go Jess!