Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dylan's special gift

I have to apologize to Quilts for Kids for the delay in posting a thank you, but I wanted to get photos up at the same time to share with everybody. Quilts for Kids is an amazing Australian organization who have a world wide group of stitch's, who make beautiful quilts for Australian children who have a life threatening or life long illness. Many stitch's have worked incredibly hard to make one for Dylan, I was speechless when I saw it and Dylan was over the moon looking at all the Australian animals and themes on the quilt. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but an enormous thank you to the following…

Linde Adams – QLD, Australia

Anke – VIC, Australia

Anne Shackles – VIC, Australia

Carol – Etters, USA

Diane – QLD, Australia

Frances Denham – NSW, Australia

Heidi – QLD, Australia

Mandy – Tasmania, Australia

Rene – QLD, Australia

Robyn – QLD, Australia

Sam – QLD, Australia

Sandra Hilliard – Tennessee, USA

Sandra Peterson – Miami, USA

Sandy – Urich, USA

Susan Jacques Blackman – Ontario, Canada

Susie McNeilly – Middlebrough, UK

Tania – VIC, Australia

Wendy Healy – SA, Australia

Wilma – Washington, USA

I think it is so amazing that all these people from around he world, put so much work into such a beautiful quilt for Dylan, thank you all so very much.

Dylan is feeling great, especially after today’s blood transfusion. He is a little down emotionally though because dad is going home tomorrow. He spent the afternoon taking a long walk with dad to Central Park and finishing the evening off with ice-cream. It has been so great to have Tim here, the emotional support is priceless for me as well as having Tim do the hospital visits with Dylan. It is also just as good for Dylan because he can share “his world” with his dad, and get a break from me LOL. So what’s next, well Dylan has bone marrow aspirations and urine testing on Thursday as well as his MIBG injection, then Friday is MIBG and CT scans (one after the other). I am hoping that we also see Dr Modak on either day to get a start date for the “hot 3F8”. I assume that Dylan will need a week of pre medication to protect his thyroid as we did with the MIBG therapy, so taking that into consideration, at a guess he may start the following week making it the week of the 16th.

Over the past few weeks the parents and the children at the RMDH have been able to watch the amazing transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. The last of them are almost done, so I thought I would share some photos with you all. (See photo gallery)

Our friend Justin, who is 16 years old with Neuroblastoma is in need of your prayers. Justin was admitted into hospital last week, and he is hoping to recover enough to make it home. His Neuroblastoma is in his lungs after many years of fighting the disease. Justin was waiting for “hot 3F8” just like Dylan, only now that it is in his lungs, it disqualifies him from the trial, leaving little to no more options. I have not told Dylan of Justin’s situation just yet, but somehow, I know Dylan knows anyway.

For those interested, here is the little boy has has started the "hot 3F8" therapy, all is well so far. Click HERE to visit Nathan.

Here is an article about Dylan's Teacher, Anne Marie Cicciu, click HERE to view