Monday, July 10, 2006

Surgery to remove lymph nodes goes well

First of all, Thank you to everyone for your beautiful messages in Dylan’s guestbook and also the many emails we have received. It is so overwhelming to know that so many people have Dylan in their thoughts and I hope that in some small way, these journal updates can inspire you in your own lives. These journals are my way of thanking everyone, by enabling everyone to follow Dylan’s courageous fight. I still have many entries to read, but noticed one today from Kensey, providing a link to part of the documentary that aired in Australia on Sunday. Dylan and I have not seen the footage yet, so it was great to be able to see some of the show online, thank you NKU. I was also flattered on Dylan’s behalf, that the Nicole Kidman fan site NKU has a message board just for Dylan! Here are the links…NKU Dylan Message Board Video Link of Australian Documentary Surgery went very well today. The hardest part for Dylan was not eating from midnight yesterday. We arrived at clinic by 11am and Dylan did not get into surgery until 4pm. The poor little guy was so hungry, but at the same time was very relaxed about the whole procedure with plenty of smiles and even told the anesthetist to hurry up and put him to sleep so he could wake up and eat! Dylan was back in recovery by 6:45pm, where he was peacefully sleeping and opened his eyes once he heard my voice. Due to the area they needed to make the incision being so close to the medi-port, it was necessary to de-access him and place an IV in his had which Dylan was not impressed about. Dr LaQuaglia said that he removed everything he could see and that it went very well, including his bone marrow aspirations. By 7:30pm, Dylan was back in the PDH day hospital, eating pieces of steak that our friend Barbara had organized for him. Everything went so well, that we were discharged and back at Ronald McDonald House just after 8pm. So far Dylan has not complained about any pain and is comfortably in bed watching cartoons and eating…again! Tomorrow Dylan is scheduled for an ECHO (heart test) in preparation for the MIBG trial, and I will ask the Neuroblastoma team if they have set dates for CT and MIBG scans as well as a MIBG therapy commencement date. When I spoke with Dr Modak last week, he was hoping to start the iodine medication to protect the thyroid by this Wednesday and start MIBG therapy the following week, but I am waiting on confirmation. Thank you to Mark, Barbara, Jen & Alyssa for supporting Dylan and I throughout the day, even though it was a fairly minor procedure, any kind of surgery is always nerve racking.