Monday, June 26, 2006

Wedding present for Nicole & Keith

No Chicken Pox yet, thank goodness. Dylan is still isolated from the RMDH and the Hospital, but all is well. We headed into Manhattan for an interview on Thursday morning with Access Hollywood. I had received a call on Wednesday saying that a company wanted to give Dylan a gift, so that he could give Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban a wedding present. I explained to Dylan that the gift was a hot air balloon ride and he thought that was fantastic! Thursday morning we headed to NBC studio’s and Dylan happily sat chatting away about his “chicky babe”. The interviewed aired that evening on Access Hollywood. When Dylan watched it he asked why there was writing on the screen every time he spoke (subtitles) I laughed and said not to worry about it, only very famous people get that, like Ozzy Osbourne (whose interview also had subtitles) Dylan was happy with that explanation. Later that day I got a phone call from Dr Modak, who said that Dylan’s MIBG scan was again stable. Dylan is now scheduled for surgery on July 10th to have his lymph node removed and shortly after that he will begin the preparation for hot 3F8 therapy. Dr Modak explained that since Dylan will receive such high dose chemotherapy and will be likely to use a stem cell rescue, that he would also like to give him MIBG therapy in conjunction with the chemo to clear up as much disease as possible. This means that Dylan’s bone marrow will not recover on it’s own and he will need to use one of the 3 stem cell rescues he has on reserve. This should take approx 4-8 weeks and then he will start on the hot 3F8. Having such high dose chemo and MIBG therapy will also decrease the chances of a HAMA, meaning that his body will be less likely to reject the hot 3F8, as we would like to get at least 4 rounds of the hot 3F8 in. Next week we can return to the hospital on July 5th and we will meet the surgery team for a pre consultation for surgery. The weather here in new York is hot and extremely humid, there has been a lot of rain and it is going to rain on and off for the rest of the week, but this does not stop us from playing in the pool an enjoying the garden. It is so different to wake up here, listening to the sounds of people mowing their lawns and watching fire flies light up in the evenings. T-Shirts are now available in Australia in support of Dylan, please check the Fund Raising Page for details. An article was also in the local Australian paper about the launch of these T-Shirts. I have also added a media link to Dylan’s website, you can visit it HERE and read the above article online.

A band called “ShotSekter” who have a CD launch planned for July 1st in Victoria, Australia, are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their CD’s to Dylan’s Fund for medical costs in New York. Here is there website ShotSekter