Monday, March 20, 2006

Round 3 of trial ends

Dylan completed cycle 6 - round 3 of the Cetuximab clinical trial today. Dylan was beaming when he saw his doctor, he wouldn’t stop talking and kept sliding down the reclining examination chair. A huge turn around by lunchtime though, his nurse was called away for over an hour which meant his dose of Benadryl was given to him later in the day. He was so tired from it that we had to cancel seeing his teacher and he slept all afternoon. Good news is that his weight is 17.7kg and his height is 117.7cm (lucky seven’s?) The Cetuximab has made Dylan’s hair grow so much, he is even getting a mustache! Hopefully by Friday we will have the results of his urine test and also Wednesday’s up coming scan. It is now Spring in New York, the pink and green buds are starting to sprout on the trees. It’s kind of strange going through the seasons in New York a second time, it makes me feel like I have been here for so long, but I guess I have been. Spring will bring warmer weather, which means more walks through Central Park for me and Dylan. We are both really looking forward to watching the squirrels running around and exploring through all the areas we still are yet to see, the park is so big.
LOCA is a Philadelphia women's Ultimate Frisbee team who received a bid to the famous April Fool's Fest in Fredericksburg, VA from March 31, 2006 to April 2, 2006. The team will be playing in Dylan's honor as "Dylan's Ultimate Chicky Babes".

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