Friday, February 17, 2006

Another Aussie battler

We are all great, Dylan’s platelets have finally come up and are at 84 which means on Monday he can have the Irinotecan along with the Cetuximab, starting the 3rd of this trial. The snow is slowly melting here in New York, the days following the blizzard have been blue skies and lots of sun.

I have been in contact with another neuroblastoma family in Australia this past week. Their daughter’s name is
Kahlilla and she is absolutely adorable. Kahlilla’s family has started to fund raise to come to New York, if the treatment she is currently receiving fails. Kahlilla has been in two newspapers back home and also a few local newspapers. Here is the link to today’s article Herald Sun and also The Age My heart goes out to them, as I know exactly what they are going through and the journey that possibly lays ahead of them. All I can do is offer as much emotional support to the family as I can and help to spread the word of Kahlilla’s story.