Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boys having fun together

We are all doing well, Dylan continues to be amazingly well during this round of treatment. Dylan will continue treatment all of next week and his MIBG scan has been scheduled for 26th January. I think we might get some snow this weekend! The boys are looking forward to that. It’s so cute seeing the boys playing together and chatting away, Dylan looks up to and admires Cain so much. Cain’s right into the old music at the moment, songs from the 1950’s. So I now have both of them humming away to songs like Rockin Robin, Good Golly Miss Molly and Elvis’s Hound Dog.

PLEASE VISIT Connor Gerber

If you have the time please visit 4 year old Connor living in Cape Town, South Africa. Connor was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in July 2005, 1 week after his 4th birthday. The hospital treating Connor are recommending no further intensive treatment and can only offer maintenance chemotherapy for him, saying he has no more than 12 months to live. Tania and Bruce, his parents, have been in contact with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York and they are prepared to treat Connor. The family has started fund raising the huge amount of money needed to bring Connor to New York. I pray that they are able to achieve their goal as we did, and make it to New York, giving Connor a chance at beating Neuroblastoma.

News article about Connor:
Family in race against time to save their son