Friday, February 11, 2005

Update by Lynn

Hi everyone, my name is Lynn Maynard. I am writing this for Melissa as she cannot get to a computer at the moment. So I am helping her with her updates. Greg & I were with her last night in ICU and Dylan is a little Trooper!!

From Melissa Thursday February 10, 2005:

In ICU Dylan has several tubes and devices attached to him. He has a chest tube that drains fluid from his lungs, an epidural in his lower spine for pain relief, nasal gastric tube to drain fluid from his stomach, a large tube in his mouth down into his throat that is attached to a breathing ventilator, a catheter for urinating, an IV in each hand (one for medication, one to monitor blood pressure). His Hickman lines are both connected to fluids and he has a new gastric peg (now a small button).

Dylan woke for a few minutes at 1.30am and again for 5 minutes at 6.30am. As the breathing tube was still in place, it distressed him greatly. They kept him sedated, gave him Dopamine to assist low blood pressure and he had blood and platelet transfusions. At 1pm the breathing tube was removed but the nasal gastric remains until tomorrow. Dylan has moments of pain which is controlled by a button to release pain relief via the epidural. He wakes for brief moments every hour.

One thing Dylan said was "I hate everything about this." This is the hardest time for Dylan, but we are confident it will be for a brief time. In fact, his blood pressure is much better and he is breathing very well. Dr La Quaglia said that he may be transferred back to MSKCC as early as tomorrow (Friday Feb 11th.)