Friday, December 30, 2005

Treatment going well

Not much to report this week. Dylan has been doing well through this weeks treatment, his blood counts are still great. Yesterday his potassium was low so he had home fluids through the night but today his potassium was fine and the fluids were stopped. Tomorrow he will have his last dose of Irinotecan and as clinic is closed for Monday’s New Year’s holiday, he will have the antibody given on Tuesday, then begins again the following Monday. Barbara took us to see King Kong on Wednesday, we all loved the film, it was really well done. The weather here has been exceptionally warm for this time of year but today was pretty cold. I heard it was very hot in Australia today 42 degrees (107.6 F) I hope all my friends and family were able to stay cool.

Happy New Year to everyone, lets pray that 2006 is the year for miracles and wishes coming true.