Thursday, December 15, 2005

3 more sleeps

Leanna Burns had dedicated her most recent book, Soul Wishes, to Dylan. Leanna wrote to me and told me that Dylan was her inspiration to write the book. Thank you to Leanna, Mel, Journey publications and Alexander’s print Advantage for making it possible for all the proceeds from sale of this first edition of 100 books being donated to Dylan’s fund. Please see Dylan's fundraising page for details on how to purchase your copy.

Well, Dylan’s platelets are up to 60 today, so the doctor is confident that he will be ready to start the trial again on Monday, thank goodness. After a Pentamidine infusion today, we hurried back to the Ronald out of the cold. It is freezing here today and I think we a due for a storm this evening. Looking out the window now, I can see what they call “Sleet” falling from the sky. I have never heard this term before, I have only ever heard of, rain, hail and snow. It is sort of like tiny bits of ice, but not like hail and not like snow. Anyway, all I know is it’s really cold, LOL. New York is under threat of a transport strike tomorrow. I’m not sure if it’s all transport or just the trains, but I heard someone say that this hasn’t happened for a decade. I have also heard that all the town cars are booked out for tomorrow and that the taxi cabs will charge $10 per person plus the taxi meter rate! Not sure if that’s true, but that’s what I have been told.

3 more sleeps til we are a family again, WOOHOO!!!