Wednesday, October 19, 2005

MIBG report

Day 3 of Dylan’s clinical trial and all is going very well. He has had no side effects yet, he is active, playing, eating and happy! Today the doctor came in with a smile on her face as she handed me the MIBG report from Saturday’s scan. The report says that he has 2 spots on his skull (previously there were 5), the spots in his arm have disappeared, the spots on his ribs have improved and the pelvis and spine appear unchanged. Conclusion says that he has Neuroblastoma in his bones but the scan reveals evidence of a reduction in tumors since the last scan! WooHoo, we are getting somewhere, Dylan is improving and he is heading in the right direction towards someday reaching NED (Remission). Here is the official Report details…


FINDINGS: Two focal uptake in the skull and focal uptake in the left proximal humerus seen on prior scan have disappeared. Foci of increased uptake in the skull, bony pelvis, left femur, left posterior upper chest, right anterior rib appear less intense on the present study. Abnormal uptake is seen in the left clavicle, thoracic spine and pelvis appear unchanged.

IMPRESSION: Abnormal study consistent with multiple metastatic lesions with some scan evidence of reduction in tumor burden.

I did an interview with the Australian newspaper “Herald Sun” last night and photos were taken of Dylan. Hopefully we can raise enough money to continue this treatment here in New York because it is clearly working.