Sunday, October 23, 2005

Love the weekend

Dylan and I had a great night at the “Big Apple Circus” on Friday night with the Ronald McDonald House. We had great seating and we saw some very talented acts. Dylan loved it. Saturday morning Dylan got up early to play Yu-Gi-Oh cards with the other children in the house, while I enjoyed a sleep in after having early hospital visits all week. Dylan is doing really well, he’s not 100 percent, but considering he had a full week of chemo as a part of this new clinical trial, I am impressed. Tomorrow we start again, I will wake at 7am and put numbing cream on his port, ready for the 8:30am access needle to be put in. Hopefully this will hurt less than the numbing spray he tried last week. Tomorrow will include an hour of the new antibody and an hour of chemo, plus some blood tests. Hopefully we will return back to the Ronald McDonald House just after 1pm. Clinic will continue the same as last week with chemo all week. We have nothing planned for the weekend, it is a bit unknown how Dylan will be by then, he may be neutropenic. Kaitlyn’s mom sent me an email about an amazing man named Colin Ricketts who is walking solo around Australia to raise money for Kids with Cancer. Colin commenced the walk on January 4, 2005 from Adelaide, South Australia. They will follow National Highway 1 in an anti-clockwise direction, including Tasmania & Alice Springs. He is inspired by his son who survived a childhood brain tumor and leads a healthy life. To learn more about Colin visit Start a New Life . We also have the New York marathon coming up on the 6th November. My friends at Team Continuum will be running and as you know they have provided a lot of support to our family already. Dylan and I will be cheering the whole team on, in particular Chris and Justine, and of course Paul. One of the staff here at the Ronald McDonald House also has been preparing for the marathon, GO Rich! Dylan’s Doctor (Dr. Kushner) will be running in Fred’s Team. To view Dr. Kushner’s fund raising goal visit his Runner Profile. Dylan and I want to wish them all a successful and fun day as they raise money for cancer!