Sunday, September 18, 2005

Still in hospital

We did not get discharged today as we had hoped. Dylan needs to remain on the antibiotics until his neutrophils rise and even though they were on the way up, today they dropped to 0.1 classing Dylan as neutropenic again. While he is neutropenic he will need to remain on GCSF also and while he remains on GCSF, he will continue to need blood and platelet transfusions every few days. As Dylan still only has a temporary line, he cannot be discharged with it still in place, and if we remove it he will not have any access to have these transfusions. So at this stage a discharge date is unknown, hopefully by mid to late this week his counts will rise and we can get out. We have had a few visitors from friends at the Ronald McDonald House and from Skye so that has been great to break up the day. Dylan is still eating noodles and ribs as his staple diet, I can’t complain, at least he is eating! I think I am more depressed about not getting out, I was looking forward to not sleeping on this hard couch next to Dylan’s hospital bed. Dylan was not too upset when I gave him the news that we would have to remain in hospital, he is such a brave tiger, never complaining and always making the most of any situation.

I am getting very bored in hospital so I have been playing around on the computer a lot. I have just created a "Chicky Babe" tribute for Dylan. For those who don't know, Dylan has lots of, what he calls "Chicky Babes". Dylan came up with this term himself and it is one of his very cute traits. The page is for fun and Dylan really likes it. The song playing is a favorite of his, so turn up the volume, not sure if dial up users will be able to hear it or not, anyway check out Dylan’s Chicky Babe Page

Also please visit Dylan’s Updated Photo Gallery