Monday, September 12, 2005


Dylan woke up this morning and ate marshmallows for breakfast. The doctor came in and decided that we should do a few “poo” tests in particular for C Diff -Clostridium Difficile Colitis so we had to collect a sample. Well, the sample we obtained was all fluffy and foamy…it was the marshmallows! It gave us all a giggle. Poor Dylan, everything he eats just comes out undigested. They have also put Dylan on the BRAT diet, which has upset him greatly, no more vegemite sandwiches allowed. The BRAT diet is Bread, Rice, Apple sauce, toast and bananas, all binding foods. He is also isolated just in case the results come back positive, so everyone needs to put on a gown and wear gloves when they enter our room. He has been booked in attentively for his medi port on 28th October. This will be done by Dr LaQuaglia, the surgeon who also did Dylan’s surgery in February. Dylan misses our animals so much and keeps asking for a cat. Of course we cannot get a cat in New York, but our dear friend Barbara has decided to adopt a cat and when Dylan is well enough, she will take him to the animal shelter so that he can help choose the lucky kitty. Dylan has already decided that it will be called “pizza” I am not sure how pleased Barbara will be with that name, we may have to negotiate. Barbara does not live far from the Ronald McDonald House, so Dylan will be able to visit and play with the cat. I have made friends with my next door neighbor at the Ronald McDonald House since we are both in the hospital at the same time. She is from Alabama and her daughter Lauren has just started her bone marrow transplant. Since us mothers get rather bored in the hospital we have been working on a website for Lauren, so if you get time, please visit Lauren’s site and sign her guest book, she would love to read all your messages once she is well enough. We are so happy for Hazen who had his surgery today, to remove the remainder of Neuroblastoma from his liver. I have been told that the surgery went very well and he is recovering in the ICU. I know Dylan’s photo album has been out of action for a while so I am working on getting a new one set up, so watch for a new link over the next few days.