Thursday, August 4, 2005

Round 11 going well

Dylan is doing really well with his 11th round of chemo. Here I was stressing over it as the past rounds have really knocked him around. I keep telling Tim, it must be because he is here and that the minute they fly back to Australia, I bet Dylan will get admitted! Tomorrow is the last day of this round, and so far Dylan has not even vomited once, no nausea and his blood counts are still great. The only side effects seem to be a bit of diarrhea, but it’s not too bad yet, and he is very sleepy. If all goes well and he continues to be well, we are headed for the fun park Six Flags on Saturday with Greg and Lynn from Long Island. They have the tallest & fastest roller coaster on earth, 456 feet and 128mph. Tim is eager to go on it, while Cain, Dylan and I will watch because there is no way anyone will get me on that thing! The weather has been really really hot, but tomorrow night there is a big storm predicted and with it will come a cold front, so Saturday should be perfect for a day out. Dylan can sleep in the stroller when ever he likes and can have a nap on the way back ready for his karaoke debut. There are so many prizes for the karaoke night now, it should be lots of fun. Dylan has been practicing his singing and so has Cain. Monday we have tickets from the hospital to go to a Yankees game. We arrive 2 hours prior and we should get to meet the players and have a tour of the stadium, and to top it off the seats are amazing. Apparently the hospital gets these tickets for each family to attend once and they email the Yankees ahead so they will be expecting us. Cain and Tim saw a Yankees game with Barbara when they were here last time, but Dylan was not feeling the best and so I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House with him. It will be great to share the experience as a family. Thank you to everyone for signing Donna’s guest book and for sending her “cheer” mail, it really has lifted her spirits and made her smile.