Thursday, July 14, 2005

One more sleep

One more sleep and we will reunite as a family once again, thanks to Team Continuum & Qantas! Lots of hugs to Paul and Jim who made a huge effort to make this happen and of course to the Kennedy family who introduced us to Team Continuum. Paul yet again has surprised us with accommodation at a lovely hotel in Manhattan for the weekend, so we will be going there straight from the airport tomorrow night. Isn’t he an angel in disguise! As great as the Ronald McDonald House is, it will be good to get away for a few nights. I have made a pact with myself to leave the computer at Ronald McDonald House until we return on Monday, so we will have some good quality time and I won’t get caught up in my internet obsession! I just spoke with Tim who is at the airport and apparently their flight has been delayed by 3-4 hours.

Dylan had his MIBG scan Wednesday, it went for over an hour and he struggled a bit towards the end, but made it through. Then we raced up stairs for a platelet transfusion, followed by a blood transfusion, then and anesthetic for his bone marrow biopsy. Dylan woke in a happy mood but very sore and he has continued to be sore all day, heat packs on his back are helping. Dylan is still neutropenic even though he has been on the GCSF injections everyday for almost 2 weeks!

I will sign off now until Monday afternoon, unless there are dramas. Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks for all the wonderful messages left in the guestbook, they really do make me smile and sometimes cry.

By the way, your prayers have helped Kevin. I saw his mother today and she said that he is doing much better and that the doctors are saying they are very surprised at his progress! He is certainly not out of the woods just yet, but he is fighting and improving each day. Thank god!