Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hershey Park - Uncle & cousin left yesterday

Dylan and I had a fantastic day at Hershey’s Park and so did many other Ronald McDonald House families. The weather was very hot and staying cool was difficult, but a great excuse for drinking lots of yummy home made lemonade, Dylan downed 3 large cups to himself over the course of the day! The roller coaster’s and water rides were amazing. I couldn't help but keep getting surges of sadness while I looked around, I just knew how much Tim and Cain would have loved it as I watched familes wander around. I think Dylan got the same feeling because he clung onto Sydney’s dad and even insisted on sitting next to him on the bus ride back to New York. Dylan went on a few gentle rides like the Monorail, Steam train, spinning swings and the chair lift. Dylan had to hold my hand on the chair lift, I’m not good with heights at all and it was like 15 minutes of torture for me, but Dylan loved it, either that or he loved watching me squirm! A big thank you to the Ronald McDonald House and their staff for taking us.Today Dylan and I met up with Rebecca and went to “The Sunburnt Cow” (Australian bar in NY) for lunch, thank you for our beautiful complimentary meal. After that we met up with Ashley at the other Australian bar in NY call “8 Mile Creek”. Ashley is the Photographer that took our photo here in NY for the Herald Sun newspaper. We received a very warm welcome by Frank who owns the bar and Dylan had an absolute blast helping Davey cook the BBQ. Dylan ran around serving the guests and making himself known to everyone while I enjoyed a cold beer. 8 Mile Creek regularly fund raise for children’s charities and have offered to also fund raise for Dylan. After our Aussie bar visits, Dylan, Rebecca and I went to the movies hoping to see the new Angelina Jolie film, Mr & Mrs Smith. Dylan is so keen on Angelina, he calls her his “Ultimate Chicky Babe”. He really wants to meet her and I keep telling him not to get his hopes up but Dylan replies “She’ll meet me mum because I am famous, she will have to see me!” Unfortunately Mr & Mrs Smith wasn’t showing at the cinema we found, so we ended up watching “Herbie Fully Loaded” instead. It has been a very busy and fun filled week, I almost forgot that Dylan had cancer except for the nightly TPN ritual. It was a great break from the hospital routine. Now this week reality will take hold as we return to daily clinic visits as Dylan starts his 10th round of chemo. Our friend Bailee is doing much better after her terrible scare last week in ICU, she is a fighter and I am so thankful that she pulled through so well. Our other little friend Madison (Taylor’s sister) is having a tough time at the moment, after her surgery and chemo. Madison is suffering from that all too familiar post operative and Irinotecan diarrhea plus battling a viral infection.