Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fever on the mends

Good news. It’s just after 9pm and Dylan has not had a temperature since 6am. They have taken him off 2 of the antibiotics and now he is only on Vancomycin because this particular bug in his line is sensitive to this antibiotic. I pleaded with the doctors and nurses today about the possibility of Dylan being treated as an out patient due to our visitors and I have been told that if Dylan continues to do so well, we might be able to be released by Saturday. This will allow us to spend a week with my brother and nephew. If we are released, Dylan will have to return to hospital each day until the IV antibiotics have completed their course, I don’t mind at all. Dylan is much happier and has a whole harem of nurses smitten with him as usual. There are four other good friends of ours in hospital with us from Ronald McDonald House. I hope that Kelly, Bailee, Oscar and Madison all recover quickly and are discharged soon also. Us parents all get cabin fever when we are in the hospital with our children. We are both getting very excited now because my brother and nephew will land in New York in about half an hour. I will go to the Ronald McDonald House and meet them there at about 11pm, then bring them to see Dylan straight away. We are lucky to have an isolation room because it means we can get away with late visitors as we will not disturb the other patients. Dr Modak came and saw us today and told me that the MIBG treatment will be available back here at MSKCC but it may not be until August now. He said that Dylan is first on the list and that if the MIBG does what we all hope it will, then Dylan will have one more round of chemo then start on the 3F8 monoclonal antibody treatment followed by radiation. That’s the big pictured treatment plan but as we all know, we also have to expect the unexpected.