Friday, June 3, 2005

Dylan doing great

Today’s hospital visit was fairly brief, we just had a CBC (Complete blood count) done, and all is fine. Dylan walked all the way back to the Ronald McDonald House from hospital, via the post office between 2nd & 3rd avenues, I was most impressed. Dylan was so proud of himself for walking so far and not having to use the stroller/wheelchair. When we returned, we saw that the Ronald House had a trip arranged to the Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History. Dylan felt so good that we decided to join the other families on the trip. When we got to the lobby, Dylan spotted his mate Mike, who works at the house. Dylan grabbed his hand and said “Mike, are you coming on the field trip?” I had to laugh because it appears Dylan has already picked up the American lingo. I don’t even know what field trip means! I assume it is the same as what us Aussies call an excursion. Dylan clung onto Mike the whole time, sitting on his lap in the bus and being carried by Mike around the museum! I really think Dylan craves having his daddy around, so he clings onto the first male who pays him any attention. I am totally exhausted and I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today, I think I am just missing Tim and Cain so much and I miss being at home in Australia. I will snap out of it by tomorrow I’m sure. Dylan is very excited about seeing the movie “Madagascar” with Barbara tomorrow.