Monday, May 15, 2006

MIBG Scan results

To view the story of Dylan meeting up with Nana that aired Tuesday evening in America visit Access Hollywood Saturday was a fun filled day with the RMDH. The NYPD and FDNY together with RMDH and VuDu Lounge, organized a party for the kids. The NYPD took many of the children for police horse rides down the street, and even a turn at operating the Bomb squad robot. Dylan was also able to catch up with his good friend Jimmy who is the commanding officer at the 19th Precinct Happy Mother’s day for yesterday! We had a wonderful day, it was so great to be able to spend the day with my mother and Dylan to share it with his grandmother. Select comfort organized a lunch for us at CafĂ© Pierre on 5th Avenue, the food was incredible. We then walked down 5th Avenue, showing Nana FAO Schwartz, Rockefeller Center, and the famous stores like Tiffany’s. Then we went down to Times Square for a quick look around before heading back to the house for a jet lag nap LOL. Dylan bought me a beautiful angel for mother’s day again this year, because last week he accidentally knocked the one he bought me last year, off the night stand and it broke into many pieces and he was really upset about it. Mum brought over a gift that Cain bought from school for me, beautifully fragranced body lotion. As usual the boys both wrote the most gorgeous things on my mother’s day cards that made me cry. I also got flowers and a “Best Mom” picture frame from Aylssa Dylan also made a basket of flowers at the RMDH last week, like he did last year, thank to 1800 flowers who come in every year and have this activity for the children. Today Dylan went to clinic for Cetuximab, now we have 4 more weeks left of the round. After clinic we stayed indoors because the weather here is a cloudy and wet, but hopefully it will pick up by the weekend and we can venture out more. I have the official results in of the MIBG scan done on 3rd May.
FINDINGS: Again seen are foci of abnormal tracer uptake in the skull, left supraclavicular region, multiple vertebrae, right anterior rib, bony pelvis and femora. These lesions appear largely unchanged.

No definite new abnormal tracer uptake to suggest new metastatic site is identified.

IMPRESSION: Since 22nd March
1. Multiple MIBG avid metastasis as described above, largely stable.
2. No definite evidence of new lesions.

The Urine tests results are VMA 27 HVA 31.5 this is lower than the results from March, which is good.

Here is a link to the Australian article that was published yesterday
Herald Sun and yes Dylan is 7 years old, not 8.