Monday, May 30, 2005

Back to the regular ward

Dylan's blood pressure dropped slightly while he slept last night, but not enough to require any dopamine. This morning he had his Arterial line removed, along with those remaining stitches from the temporary central line. He was transferred to the normal pediatric ward this afternoon after an insuflon was put into his leg for some GCSF. Yahoo! Dylan is great, the only issue at the moment is "green poo". The doctors are unsure why it looks like spinach but they sent of a sample to pathology anyway. Maybe it's his body's reaction to one of the antibiotics or the dopamine. Today is a holiday in New York (or the whole of America - not sure) for Memorial day, so the Neuroblastoma team are enjoying a well deserved long weekend. Tomorrow the team will be back and they will assess Dylan, to give us an idea on when he will be discharged. Last night Dylan watched some movies from the playroom that he has wanted to see for a while now, "Son of the Mask" and "Muppets wizard of Oz" I myself enjoyed watching "Meet the Fockers". It was great to be able to relax and have a laugh after such a tense few days.