Wednesday, May 11, 2005

16.3kg - TPN is magic!

Just a short entry to let everyone know that Dylan's weigh in today was 16.3kg!!! He is looking great, his face has filled out and his bones don't seem to be sticking out quite as much. Even his personality is better. He was anti-social and grumpy before, and now he is full of energy and wants to do things again. I feel on top of the world! The TPN is now running at 14 hours a day which means Dylan gets more free time without having to worry about staying close to his pump. His platelets are 25, which is borderline for transfusing, so it was decided to wait until Friday with the hope his platelets will rise by themselves. I just have to hope he has platelets when that loose tooth falls out or it may mean a trip into hospital if I can't stop it bleeding. This afternoon I had a call from one of the other oncology moms who invited us to join her family for dinner. It was lovely, and it was great to see their little miracle boy Peter , looking so well - he even has hair now! I spent the rest of the night doing household chores like washing and vacuuming, then Dylan and I played some board games. Tomorrow is scan day at 11am. If the weather is good we might head back to Central Park to feed the squirrels the peanuts we bought today. I forgot to mention that last weekend at Long Island, I saw my first raccoon! It was huge, he stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he saw me and hurried away into the night. Unfortunately Dylan was asleep, so he missed out on seeing "Rocky" the raccoon, as Lynn & Greg named him.

Love & Hope
Melissa and Dylan xoxo