Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Round 8 starts

Dylan started round 8 chemo on Monday, the same as the last round, Irinotecan – CPT 11 (IV 1 hour) and Temozolomide (oral capsules) which will continue for 5 days. The doctor said that Dylan’s urine test he had done last week shows that levels have reduced, which is great news and is an indication that this chemo may be doing something. With this result, the doctor decided to go ahead with the chemo despite the episodes of pain Dylan experienced last week. Dylan is scheduled for a MIBG scan next Wednesday, so we will have a better idea where we are at and if there is any significance to the pain in his jaw and right shoulder/arm.

Before chemo on Monday, Dylan had his karate lesson at 11am with Steve from Kids Kicking Cancer, Dylan just loves it so much and it really does lifts his spirits.

Dylan is dealing with the chemo well so far, a few spews, lots of diarrhea, and a dropping platelet count – nothing out of the ordinary!

Thank you to Helen Hudspith
who created the new banner on Dylan’s site. I also want to send good wishes and a speedy recovery to Michelle who is in hospital at the moment. Michelle still continues to send Dylan cheer mail even from hospital, thank you.

Our fantastic team of dedicated fundraisers are still working away at Dylan's campaign, thank you so very much. Entertainment books are now available from Leanne Hicks for $60 with $12 from every purchase going to Dylan's Fund. Entertainment books are full of hundreds of great value vouchers that can be used Australia wide. By using even a few vouchers throughout the year, your $60 is well spent. If anyone would like to purchase one, please contact Leanne:
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