Saturday, April 2, 2005

People are so kind

It is raining cats and dogs in New York today, but it is not too cold. Dylan is doing great on the Lomotil although it does seem to make him a little nauseas. We met with Dylan’s chicky babe, Kathy for lunch at the pizza shop and then when we arrived back at RMH we had a wonderful surprise! A package all the way from Sweden! An amazingly kind lady, Katarina, has sent Dylan the game that he has been wanting for ages, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3!!! I should have grabbed out the camera because the look on Dylan’s face was priceless, Thank you so much Katarina. Wow, I am still so overwhelmed by all the kind and generous things that people are doing for us. I just cannot thank everyone enough as words just cannot express how it makes our whole family feel. I am preparing the room for Tim and Cain’s arrival tomorrow, washing the clothes, making the beds, cleaning and re-arranging things. I am not going to get any sleep tonight, I just am so excited! I spoke with Cain last night and was trying to explain what jet-lag was and about the time differences. He said o.k mum, I will see you tomorrow and I said no, the day after tomorrow! I don’t think he quite understood. So tomorrow (Sunday NY time) Cain and Tim will be in our arms at 6pm! Channel seven news will be at the airport to see them off and I have been told that channel seven have contracted out NBC to take the footage of us all re-uniting at JFK airport in New York. Dylan is busy watching Scooby Doo, so I was able to sneak down to the computer room to put in this entry….I better be off, and get back up stairs to Dylan. Thank you everybody for your continuing support, and thank you again to Qantas, Australia Post, Operation Oz Kids and both the American & Australian Consulates for bringing our family together again. XOXO