Monday, April 11, 2005

I am so sick of poop and so is Dylan!

Hi everyone
I had a call from Adam last night and the article about us should be in the Herald Sun Newspaper today or tomorrow! I think that makes it Tuesday or Wednesday's paper in Australia. I couldn't find it on the Herald Sun website. The weather here is beautiful, sunny skies with a light breeze. You still need to wear a sweater though. On Saturday we went to the Children's zoo at Central Park and walked down 5th Avenue. We called in at FAO Schwartz toy store, and then walked to Time Square. After that we walked home and we were all exhausted! Sunday was rest day, and we didn't venture outside until the afternoon. We walked along the East river then took the Sky Tram to Roosevelt Island and wandered around there for a bit. Dylan seems very tired, and the poop issue is back even though his is still on Lomotil. His appetite is low, yesterday he only ate one apple. Every time we hook him up to his night feeds he spends the night running from the bed to the bathroom, poor little guy. So in the end we just turn the feeds off and then he is fine. Problem is though, without the night feeds he is not getting the nutrition he needs. But in himself he is happy and when we are back in our room he is playing cars and computer games with Cain. Tim and I are tossing up whether to take him back to hospital today, a day earlier than anticipated, just to check on blood counts and electrolytes (dehydration). This was not unexpected, as the 5 day chemo he completed last week, causes a pooping issue, plus he still has post operative poop. I am sick of poop and so is Dylan!