Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Possiblity of TPN at RMDH

Today’s weather in New York was wet and then some strange ice rain fell, it’s like a cross between snow and hail, but it was not hail as we know it in Australia. Then it started to snow, and Dylan made me go in it to get him Kung Poa chicken! I was not prepared for the weather to change from the lovely weather last week so I did not have my hat, gloves, boots or scarf and it was freeeeezing. But it was worth it to see Dylan enjoy his food so much. Today the doctors started him on Pedialyte via his G-tube, which is basically water with electrolytes in it. They also increased the dose of Octreotide and he has it 3 times a day via the Insuflon. Dylan hates in because it stings as it goes in, but the reactions he was having seems to have cleared up. The diarrhea continues so we are still in hospital. Dr Kushner said that they will start round 7 chemo on Monday, hopefully by then this problem will have resolved. I discussed TPN as an out patient but it will take a few days to organize as it is done by a separate company to the hospital. I will also have to arrange for pre payment to be wired over from Dylan’s fund in Australia, and that too will take a few days. Dylan is great, he played with Bec from the consulates office today, he really has taken a shine to her and so have I. We would be so lost without the consular support we are getting here. Dylan even swindled a $1 note from one of the nurses today, he is such a sneaky thing! He made her pay a whole dollar for 2 pieces of gum.