Monday, March 21, 2005

Chemo delayed

Yesterday was the first day of Spring in New York and it was cold and wet. Today is even colder! Last week the weather was pretty good, and we were free to enjoy it. Dylan has eaten apples and pasta today and so far so good in the back end department. The doctor today said that they will delay the chemo (just as I expected). He also said that they tested for both bacterial and viral and they were both clear. Maybe he has an irritated bowel for some reason, maybe due to the surgery, feed or chemo…not really sure. But at least he has no bugs and that’s why there are no other symptoms of illness and he is very happy and bright. They started Dylan on a drug called Octreotide, which is to prevent diarrhea. It is given via injection into the muscle so Dylan had another Insuflon inserted, much to his disliking – but he was very brave. I explained to the doctor my urgency to be an out patient and he said that we cannot be released until the diarrhea is under control and then we can think about doing chemo as an outpatient. If we can get his G-tube tolerated again then the TPN can stop and that won’t be an issue for hospitalization. Dylan's counts are better today also, White cells are 1.2 Hemoglobin 97 Platelets 138 Neutrophil 1.0. Today he is watching “Home Alone” and more “Star Wars” movies. Angela from Karate came in and worked with Dylan and Bingo is scheduled for 7pm.