Monday, February 21, 2005

TPN started

It snowed in New York last night. It is so magical, I love it. It may sound silly but the snow gives the city a kind of warmth, in an emotional way. Dylan is suffering the effects of the chemotherapy now. His diarrhea has gone but he still has the awful rash from one of the antibiotics. I still don’t see any symptoms of the pneumonia but we won’t know if that’s cleared up until he has another x-ray. Dylan is neutropenic now and his fever has come back up, which means he has now been put onto more antibiotics, three in total. They also started TPN today, IV feeding. This should make Dylan feel better as not eating for over 2 weeks must make you feel crappy in itself. We started using his g-tube today at a diluted and low rate, so far so good, no leaking. Dylan wet the bed half an hour ago, so I changed him and placed the wet pillow on the chair while I put new sheets back on the bed. And what do I do? Yes I sit on the wet pillow! My jeans were soaked and smelt bad. So now I am in an embarrassing hospital gown while I wash them, there is just no dignity! At least I saw the funny side to it I guess.

The karate teacher came in today and worked with Dylan at the bedside. Dylan punched the hand pads he held up and Dylan smiled, and he gave Dylan a membership card that says…
I am very powerful
I can focus my mind beyond pain and anger
I use my power to fight disease and fear
I am an important partner in my healing

Dylan will also receive a white belt with his name embroided on it and they encourage them to wear it during fearful procedures to remind them that they are a powerful martial artist and can combat anything. I think it is a great idea. He can then work his way through to a black belt if he attends classes regularly.

Dylan struggled out of bed and into the wheelchair this evening to go and play bingo in the playroom. He won 4 toys! A tin of four card games and bonus pick up sticks, a magic tricks set, a box of Lego and a ball game. He then went back to bed and started watching a movie, then fell asleep. It was hard for him, just being in the playroom for half an hour really tired him out. He will get better though, this is all post op and chemo after effects. They will pass and Dylan will bounce back soon.

Thank you to everyone for signing the guestbook. Your words of support really mean so much, and it helps me to carry on.