Thursday, January 27, 2005

We are in New York at Ronald McDonald House

Brrr! It's cold outside this morning. I have'nt seen snow actually fall from the sky yet, but I am sure it will happen soon. The streets are covered in snow and so are the cars that are parked on the side streets. The pavements are clear though and the snow is pushed up on the side. We had a great sleep last night, in fact Dylan is still aseep. We have met great people already. We went out for a welcome dinner last night and Dylan had a brief snow ball fight with Greg. Lynn and Barbara are amazing people, they have set us up so well, and they bought Dylan toys already. We were greeted at the airport with flowers and balloons and lovely hugs. I still cannot believe we are actually here. Our appointment is at 11am and we are getting someone from RMH to drive us in the's too cold. But I think we will have to walk home. We are in the heart of the city (I think) and there are shops everywhere. I loved the local drug stores, they are like supermarkets! It was so exciting, looking at all the groceries that we don't have in Australia, it feels like they have so much more to choose from, and the prices are better. On the way home I will take Dylan into a drug store because he will be so amazed at all the different candy to choose from. Our room is lovely, we have a t.v, video, cable and our own bathroom. We had our first drama last night, the toilet overflowed all over the bathroom floor, but I think it is o.k now. I will update again tomorrow night and let you know how we went with the hospital appointments. We have appointments this morning and then start at 8am tomorrow so it will be a long day at the hospital. I LOVE NEW YORK! It is a great city, and I love the snow. I met another parent here with a daughter with Neuroblastoma, her daughter is 15 Years old! I know I am in the right place for Neuroblastoma, and I know that I will form a great support network of other parents very soon. We are staying in Room 509 and the address is 405 East 73rd Street New York, NY 10021