Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Email from MSKCC in New York

We saw Dylan's doctor today who explained that he had consulted Sloan Kettering in New York about his condition and about commencing the clinical trial Topo/Cyclo. Dylan's doctor gave me the impression that trying the Cisplatin again was most likely not going to work...and I tend to agree, but Sloan Kettering suggested we do it one last time before starting on Topo/Cyclo. We are happy to try it, we will do anything! The email Dr Heath received from Sloan Kettering also said that if we cannot clear the marrow here in Australia, that they are having a good success rate using 3F8 (mouse antibodies) but they can only be given in America. It also said that if we were to have 3F8, surgery and follow up 3F8, it would cost around $350,000 - $500,000. I asked if that meant that Sloan Kettering will accept him as a patient, and Dr Heath said they will accept anyone who can pay for the treatment. Dr Heath also said that we must be aware that from here on Dylan's cancer can go either way, meaning that if this chemo is not working, his tumor could increase and things could get worse. I think he was just preparing us, but I am realistic and I know anything could happen at anytime but Dylan is a fighter and is doing amazingly well in himself even during his chemo. I have a positive attitude at the moment that he will continue long enough for us to get him to the U.S. But I also understand that time is of the essence with this type of cancer. Dr Heath also said that he will speak to the surgeons to see if they would consider surgery in the event that we can clear his bone marrow. Dr Heath feels that it is still possible that even if his bone marrow clears, that the complexity of the tumor may prevent the surgeons in Australia from operating. So either way, it looks like America is where we need to be. I have spoken to parents of children who had a bone marrow harvest and surgery even with the disease present in the marrow. I was told today by another oncologist here, that Australia does not do this but other countries do. I will raise the money, I am confident...It's just another hurdle to jump, and we will do it!

By the way, Dylan was transferred to 6 East at 9pm tonight, so we are both very pleased.