Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dylan in the newspaper

Dylan is amazingly well. He is tolerating his feeds and has had no vomiting or nausea since last weeks 5th round of chemotherapy, which is fantastic. Dylan was in today’s paper, to help us with his campaign to get him to New York. The photo is beautiful! One thing I did not agree with in the article was “The treatment would give him a 25hance of beating the cancer” I truly believe that Dylan would have a much greater chance of beating this cancer if he got to New York for this treatment. I have posted an email that I received from another NB parent, whose daughter had a very nearly identical case to Dylan…

My 8 year old daughter (who was then 7) was late last fall termed "refractory" despite showing some response to chemo. We went on to other therapies which helped some but did not make her huge tumor any more operable. Nonetheless, this summer I felt
compelled to seek the opinion of the famed Dr. LaQuaglia at Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, who was able to completely resect her very complicated tumor with several major blood vessels/arteries encased in it. Since the surgery in August, she has cleared her bone marrow for the first time and her bone disease is reduced from several locations to one, much reduced spot on her skull. She's completed one round of antibodies and will continue antibodies and have radiation treatment this winter. I had a very strong feeling that surgery was absolutely necessary and the only way to get her to a possible cure. And, she is sooooo much closer to that than we ever believed possible a year ago. I know it was the right decision. Don't give up! There are many options.

This email is what has given me hope and inspiration, and also to get Dylan the same treatment in the U.S

The antibodies are not available in Australia, nor is the surgeon, so New York is our only chance of saving our little man.

Thank you to all who have donated so far, it is an enormous amount of money to raise, but I know we can achieve it. The people that have signed our guest book so far, have brought me to tears with their love, support and generosity. Thank you. xoxo