Monday, December 27, 2004

Admitted into hospital

Dylan is in hospital again. We had relatives from interstate over today as we missed them on Xmas day. Dylan had trouble walking today and his temperature was up and down throughout the day, but by 9pm it peaked at 39, so we took him to emergency. We were admitted and Dylan was put onto antibiotics and blood cultures were taken. In less than 2 hours, we were taken up to our bed and into 6 East. We are so happy that we did not have to wait the usual 10 or so hours waiting for a bed, and even more pleased that we got a bed on the cancer ward (6 East). This does however, bugger up my plans to get his photo taken so that I can apply for his passport. Dylan is well in himself though, he ate an apple once we got up to the ward and is his usual spunky self. After he gave the nurse a bit of cheek she said to him “your not unwell at all are you?” Dylan responded with “Well actually I am, I have a temperature and I vomit every day, and I have a big tumour in my stomach!” Tim is staying in the hospital with him tonight as he has this week off work for the Xmas break, but I will go back in the morning. While I was there, I got a phone call from the mother of the little boy, whose funeral I attended Xmas eve. She asked me to come and see her at Ronald McDonald House as she was leaving tomorrow and then will return to South Africa. When I saw her we hugged and I stayed and spoke with her for an hour. She cannot speak much English but we managed. She said she will return each year to visit her son’s grave and that she will contact me when she comes to Australia each time. This journey sure has led me to meet amazing people and bond in such a way, I never imagined.

I don't have any news on the campaign to raise money for Dylan’s treatment. As it is the holiday season now and a lot of places have closed, we must do the waiting game until the new year…hopefully Dylan’s Neuroblastoma is waiting too, and closed for the holidays! My fear that Dylan is getting worse increases each day.